Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Northwest Chocolate Festival This Weekend in Seattle! November 12th & 13th 2016-Chocolate Lovers Unite!

Along with reviewing wonderful local restaurants, bars, baristas and other local hang outs in The Northwest, we love love love food
festivals! Here is a really special one that you can not only sink your teeth into but possibly use as art or even wear! 

These days so much creative stuff is done with food and chocolate art is just up our alley! What a great way to kick in the holidays and get in the mood to bake, shop, and most of all, pig out on sweets! Sorry dieters and diabetics, you may want to visit our Vegan blog for some also sweet but less deadly to your body treats.

This weekend Seattle hosts The Northwest Chocolate Festival, in a fantastic spot-right on the waterfront at Pier 91
 at Smith Cove. Cooks and pastry chefs from all over the world, chocolate historians and workshops on anything and everything to do with chocolate! 

Read more about it here!

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