Saturday, May 28, 2016

60 Second Cole Slaw!

Seriously, thus is the easiest and best cole slaw I have ever had/made! I can't believe it's taken me all of my life to decide to make my own! We were picking up some teriyaki and were talking about how small and dry the portions were of cole slaw that came with it, and decided to make our own. We bought cole slaw dry from the produce section, a can of crushed pineapple, some Crasins (sun-dried cranberries) and some cole slaw dressing by Maria's, which cost $2.50. I think it all cost about $8.00 and made enough slaw for 15 HUGE servings. I only made less than half of it to start with, so I'm guessing we had about six large portions to begin with, and plenty of fixings to make more. Especially the Crasins and the dry cole slaw, which comes in a bag in any produce dept., will go a long way. The dressing will make about five more batches of the same size. It took me literally under a minute to mix it all together and whala! I had the best cole slaw I've ever had! My family agrees! Enjoy! 

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