Sunday, January 26, 2014

12th Man BETH's Omelette Because 11 Egg Omelettes Are For Wussies

I knew that when Seattle got Seahawk fever that I'd have to come up with some "Hawk Items" on the menu. Well look no further for breakfast! This should get you and whatever tramp you took home last night through the long drive home to her parents in Renton. Your mom was right -- you should have married that nice girl from college. Anyhow, you may or not redeem yourself later, and you may or may not have to go see your doctor on Monday, but for now, you can honor the Seahawks by driving straight to Beth's Cafe and having one of their famous 12 egg omelettes. If you were good and stayed home last night, then you deserve one even more! Bring a friend and your appetite and GO Hawks! 

Beth's Cafe is located at 7311 Aurora Ave. North
OPEN 24 Hours 

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