Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy New Year Baby Broiled Pears With Orange & Honey

What does this adorable photo of Betty Page have to do with this recipe? Absolutely nothing! But doesn't that put a smile on your face? Think healthy when you think sexy, and make your honey something fun for New Year's! 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rock You All Night Long Bacon Wrapped Chili Rellenos

Now that I've stuffed everything but my bra this past week, I promise you that this will be the last "stuffed" vegetable recipe for at least a couple of weeks. And you know what? Lucky, lucky you that I've saved the best for last. I think it's pretty obvious why it's the best, isn't it? I mean, wouldn't you eat your dog's chew toy if it was wrapped in bacon?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Grunge Cookbook Holiday Special! The Mustache's Slap Me Upside The Head Chicken Fried Steak

I don't think The Mustache likes his new 
pet name... oh well, c'est la vie! 

Back in "the old days" when things were less complicated, The Mustache and I would go out to eat now and then. I remember once around the holidays, he and his girlfriend and me and Andy went to this new place in downtown Seattle. It was very big and modern, and for the late '80s, how you say, "chic." I remember we all exchanged gifts. At the time I had more spending money than he did believe it or not, so I don't really remember what he gave us -- I think I gave her some jewelry and honestly I don't remember what I gave Chris that year. Anyhow, he ordered this plate of chicken fried steak that was bigger than his head, believe it or not! The dish was called "Slap Me Upside the Head Chicken Fried Steak." I remember Andy got a "Gringo Burger" and was joking , "Why don't they have a Beaner Burger," silly we were... so young, and yet realizing everything we wanted was right there in front of us. 

"Won't Be Driving Home" Christmas Jello Shots

First of all, I sure hope these instructions don’t confuse the heck out of you.
Second, this is a really fun thing to make! It’s a Christmas version of the classic “Finger Jello”recipe, which I believe refers to any jello that is supplemented by an additional dose of plain gelatin, which renders it a little more hardy and easy to pick up with one’s fingers than regular jello would be. Rainbow Finger Jello involves layering several different colors of the gelatin-fortified jello, which results in an amazingly happy and pretty layered treat.
A couple of weeks ago, I whipped up a cute Christmas version. The kids loved it. But I think I wound up eating more squares than anyone. I kept walking by the fridge, and popping squares in my mouth. Repeatedly. Till they were all gone.

Grunge Cookbook's Cod Tacos with Radishsnapper Salsa

If you don't know what a radishsnapper is, you're an idiot, you have no business reading this, and I should fire my publicist... but he's a monkey, and since it's the holidays I'm cutting him some slack....

Sancho the useless creature, he thinks sitting around looking 
good is a skill....