Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Xanaland's 1st Annual Turkey Shaped Jello Mold Contest by Danielle Spencer

These days, having a great story about your drunk uncle at Thanksgiving is not enough, you must have a turkey jello mold! 
Here are the best of for 2013, a collection we put together by Danielle, some have descriptions, some don't but all are hysterical and had lots of hard work put into them!  

 More on the molds:  *Danielle Spencer, Australian pop singer, actress, wife of Russell Crowe, hosted a turkey-shaped Jell-O mold competition recently. Here are some of our favorite entries. For more, see her Web site here. The last one made me laugh out loud! The one with the BBQ sauce on top is by none other than David Byrne and the first one below took the top prize. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Turkeyburger: A deft co-mingling of American culinary icons—the thanksgiving turkey and the classic hamburger—and a stellar technical breakthrough on the baking front. Grand Prize Winner [by popular election] for "Best Overall Turkey" trophy.
By David Hunter
Stud Turkey: A cogent commentary on the current state of the music industry. Second Place Overall Winner.
By Emilie Baltz & Alec Bemis
Live Feed: With the hard drive as proscenium, The Builders Assocation mounts a spectacle that exposes the "transparency" of contemporary technology. The turkey appears to be giving birth to an iPod Nano, which plays—on endless loop—a video of a turkey. We are frozen in time, yet the video evokes remembrances of cluckings past. In this way the Builders brilliantly capture the intersection of synchronic and diachronic axes while forcing us to interrogate our relationship with turkeys and technology. Third Place Overall Winner.
By The Builders Association
Jiggles: Winner, "Best reveal"—white chocolate with chopped candied walnuts filled with cranberry/pomegranate flavored gelatin (no added sugar) with raspberries. As artful and subtle as ever, Sherman continues to explore the turkey-mold medium with her inimitable mastery of craft and her legendary fearlessness. Every year the turkey wears a different costume, and the viewer must question—yet again—fundamental assumptions about appearance and identity and turkeys.
By Cindy Sherman
Baby's First Turkey: Winner, "Most Wholesome". Byrne deftly addresses the mortality of the turkey with its reconstitution in vegetable form. The layering functions as a morphological evocation of sedimentary rock, thereby evoking the passage of time, while the vegetable purée evinces babyhood, enacting the cycle of life. A bold and powerful statement.
By David Byrne
Baby's First Turkey
Flapping Jacks: An adroit sequel to Hunter's "Which came first?" entry of 2008, the pancake turkey breaks new ground on the breakfast front.
By David Hunter
Turkey Alla Vodka: The turkey seduces us with its warm autumnal palette, perfect skin and tumescent shape—and intoxicates us with its unusually high concentration of vodka. An impressive coalescence of form and substance.
By Rachel Edelman
The Sides as the Bride: This turkey, composed of classic Thanksgiving side dishes, upends the traditional hierarchy of the meal, sublating our normative binarisms. Its operation evinces derridian différance, effectively deconstructing turkologocentrism.
By Kate Sekules
The Elvis: "The Elvis Sandwich (sometimes simply 'The Elvis') is a fried sandwich consisting of peanut butter, bananas, and bacon. Honey is sometimes included. It was supposedly one of Elivis Presley's favorite foods in his final years. Presley's fondness for peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwiches is well established. A book about Presley and his mother, Gladys Presley, says he had 'sandwich after sandwich of his favorite—peanut butter sliced bananas and crisp bacon.' Another passage describes him talking 'feverishly until dawn' while 'wolfing' down the sandwiches. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that he would select a peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich as his 'last meal', using toasted Wonder Bread, melted Skippy Super Chunky, banana slices and bacon."
—excerpts taken from Wikipedia by the artist
By David Ferris
That's No Turkey: No meat, no dairy—a vegan turkey brownie, trussed and slaughtered. Where scatology meets eschatology.
By Melissa Jaffe
Last of the Great Plains Turfalo: "Mysteriously absent from the fossil record, these magnificent beasts once roamed the Plains where they formed a grainy, nearly inedible staple of the Native diet. Here we see a native New York family celebrating around their kill, though we believe that due to a slip-up in a long-secret family recipe, this slaughter may have proved fatal to both hunters and prey." —Artists' statement
By Jane & Helen Shaw
Gilty Pleasure: The Damien Hirst of turkeys!
By Emilie Baltz & Alec Bemis
Butterball Turkey
By Kat, Karin & Arjan
Hermaphrodite Turkey (made out of gourds)
Turkey Under the Sea: Winner, Best Presentation
By Stephanie Keys
Fish Bowl
By Matt Kargis
Purring Jell-O Turkey (Death Rattle): "A capacitive circuit, which turned the Jell-O (or any other capacitive material if you want) into a touch sensor. It functions by detecting a person's capacitive effect on the material when they are in contact with it. I used an Atmel microcontroller to turn on and off a vibrating motor when the sensor is activated, to give the 'giggle' purr effect. It all adds up to a Jell-O turkey that purrs when you pet it."
—Artist's statement
By Justin Downs
Cranberry Salsa 
By Diane Sweeney
Cajun Dirty Rice By Cathy DePriest
Sesame Noodle Turkey

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