Friday, August 9, 2013

Grunge Cookbook's Not So Poor Boy Salmon

So recently we started our "Po Boy" and "Poor Girl" series of dishes, and then the other night, a friend brought over this huge piece of salmon, as you can see by the photo below the width was as wide as the length of the pan. So it had to be a HUGE salmon and it was probably the freshest I've had in years! 

I know it's hard to see through all the stuff I cooked it in, but trust me - this was huge!  Anyhow, when I looked at it I thought, this has got to go in a pasta seafood dish, you know the kind you usually pay $18.00 for at a restaurant and get lame service and a child-sized portion? Well I still have leftovers from this and I cooked it 3 days ago!

So what I put on it besides the shrimp was lime wedges, onion, lots of fresh garlic, and yes that is real butter, deal with it! 

Note the "super secret grunge ingredient" 
Stolen Peppercorn and Sea Salt from Jack Endino's BBQ

That is pretty much it, there's no need to drown it in much more since it will be added to the Alfredo sauce after it's baked.  I baked it slowly for 2 hours, and then drained most of the fat out, but there was surprisingly not very much.

Above is a photo of the fish once it was baked, I took the limes out and poured it over the sauce and pasta and it was delicioso! 
Now as far as Alfredo sauce goes, there are tons of great recipes online, I do however recommend always using fresh garlic, and fresh parsley, there are some people that are lactose intolerant so it's best to custom pick any recipe that may have dairy it it.

Trust me, you'll feel anything but poor when you eat this, having fresh garlic bread when you know you can't really afford it and may go hungry tomorrow makes it just that much more yummy! 

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