Friday, June 21, 2013

Pickle Chocolate Chip Ice Cream: Nom Nom Nom!

Let's take a look at some products that pay homage to pickles, including pickles and ice cream! The world's gone green and these guys have a new line of Pickle flavored products. This tangy, zippy flavor livens up several new products and brings an eye-opening new scent to your laundry.
Check this stuff out! 
040113_Pickle _chip _ice _creamfresh&easy ice cream is one of our customer favorites - and we know you're sure to love this exciting new twist! Our new Pickle Chip Ice Cream is tangy and sweet - a new flavor combination you won't want to miss.
040113_HummusAnother can't-miss fresh&easy product - fresh&easy hummus - gets an update with fresh&easy Pickle Hummus. Our chefs have tested their favorite variations to come up with a zingy flavor that makes the most of the bright vinegar pickle flavor and the garlicy hummus.
040113_PickleadeWith all of these snacks, a refreshing beverage may be in order. That's why we've created our new fresh&easy Pickleade! It's tart, sweet and like nothing you've ever tasted before! We recommend this with ice.
040113_PB_Pickle _SandNow you'll have one more option to add to your regular lunchtime rotation - the PB & P (Peanut Butter & Pickle) sandwich. Add a side of chips and a drink to complete your $6 meal deal with this instant classic.
040113_Laundry DetAnd we couldn't forget our household products in our excitement - we've added a new scent to our popular Green Things Laundry products line. Now you can enjoy the scent of Pickles in your fresh laundry!

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