Friday, June 21, 2013

Pickle Chocolate Chip Ice Cream: Nom Nom Nom!

Let's take a look at some products that pay homage to pickles, including pickles and ice cream! The world's gone green and these guys have a new line of Pickle flavored products. This tangy, zippy flavor livens up several new products and brings an eye-opening new scent to your laundry.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Roosters Backstage Gefilte Fish Hourderve's

You worked hard for that backstage pass girls!  Go get you some of that gefilte fish! 

Our newest addition to the 'Grunge Cookbook' - We are happy to present this recipe, a staple item at any worthy backstage event in say 1990-1993!  Re-live or pretend you are backstage dining with the boys and how nice of them to feed you something fishy!  I hope you brought your own gummy bears!  I know I did! 

Nom Nom Nom 

Gross Gross Gross! I don't care how cool Canters is! 

I did come up with some great recipes though so here is one, enjoy and welcome to Xanaland's Grunge Cookbook Recipes, here is some cooking music, do not ask why just listen and don't forget the fresh lemon and that The Beatles were wrong!

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