Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Healthy Ways To Snaz Up Chicken Strips: An Easy Healthy Meal For The Almost Vegan!

Lemon Basil Chicken Tenders with Zucchini Ribbons ~ this chicken dinner has all the sunny flavors of the Mediterranean since it has fresh lemon, lemon zest & basil.  The zucchini ribbons are a low carb stand in for pasta noodles & the tomatoes/green onions give it a 'light tomato sauce' taste. It cooks up quick, so it would be a great midweek meal.

I saw this recipe in our newspaper last week & decided to give it a try.  Happy to say, it was easy to make & we enjoyed it.  I added a few things to their recipe & tweaked/adapted it a bit ~ no surprise there, heehee.  :)  I really enjoyed the sunny flavors of fresh lemon, lemon zest & basil, all mingled together.  This meal kinda reminded me of a low cal, low carb, low fat version of Chicken Piccata.  Just make a few tweaks ~ add a little white wine, capers, exchange the basil for parsley & add a bit of Parmesan cheese ~ & now you've got a whole different meal.   Love when that happens ~ two different recipes for the price of one!   This dinner is quick enough to throw together for a midweek meal, but is nice enough to serve guests.  It's also a good meal if you are eating Fat Flush Plan style...how cool is that?  :)  Enjoy!

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