Mojito’s are a joyfully refreshing glass of muddle lemons, limes, and mint leaves.  If you’re feel extra adventurous, as I was today, you can add a different variety of fruit to spice up the mix a little more.
 Thanks to the simple syrup sometimes added to mojitos, they can be unfortunately loaded with calories.  There are a few options, however, that you have when it comes to sugar in the recipe.  Instead of using sugar, use honey instead.  Or forgo the sugar all together and add diet lemon lime soda. (It’s not cheating!) This particular mojito has added nutrients and antioxidants in the form of delicious little cranberries.  Add more or less to your taste preferences.

1oz Silver Rum
4oz Lemon Lime Soda or Soda water
1 Lime wedge
1 Lemon Wedge
3-5 Mint Leaves
5-15 whole, fresh Cranberries
Optional: Honey or a tsp of sugar